Guidelines to Consider When Choosing an Exotic Pet Vet Hospital

Finding a veterinarian who can care for an unusual pet can be tough. The internet contains many outstanding local veterinarians experienced with exotic species. Those living in remote places may struggle to find exotic pet veterinarians.

Questions to Ask When Searching for an Exotic Pet Vet

Finding an exotic animal hospital by word of mouth is one of the best methods. Exotic pet owners may know of a vet and recommend one. Consider these five points:

1. Has the vet treated avian or exotics?

The procedure may not always result in perfection, but it can improve. The more animals a vet sees, the better chance they can diagnose and treat disease. Most doctors have little or no expertise with exotic animals, so they must learn on their own how to care for them. They are the vets to see because they are knowledgeable about exotic pets. Visit this page if you own an avian pet.

2. Can exotic animals be treated in vet hospitals?

Because exotic animals are the only thing in the city, they frequent pet and cat hospitals. Many cat and dog hospitals will treat sick exotic pets if no other option exists. You can check if a vet hospital is equipped to manage exotic animals by looking at their equipment. A gram scale, for example, can measure little exotic organisms, while a tank can safeguard a reptile.

They probably don’t treat or analyze exotic cases unless they have unique equipment. Look for a hospital that provides effective treatment options for patients who do not respond well to standard procedures, check out websites like to learn more about internal medicine.

3. Can veterinary technicians cope with international patients?

Taking care of exotic pets takes years of practice. In a cage, most exotic animals feel stressed. Any veterinarian handling exotic animals needs a reliable technological staff to keep them safe. Observe how the veterinary personnel restrains and controls exotic animals to identify their frequency. Exotic animal restraint specialists and vets must care for your pet. They’re probably new if they’re grabbing your pet.

4. Do veterinarians belong to exotic pet organizations?

Join the Association of Avian Veterinarians, Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, or Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians. These groups provide veterinary CEUs. Members of these groups usually have an interest in exotic animal health. These associations’ logos can be visible in clinic windows or printed on client documents by doctors who belong to them. Each group has its website with a map of current members. A veterinarian who belongs to one of these groups loves exotic pets.

5. Do vet clinics treat exotic dogs in an emergency?

Most exotic pet owners ignore it until an emergency arises. While some pet clinics have emergency vets and technicians on call 24/7, many do not. They have created 24-hour emergency care for their patients to make up for this.

Local emergency clinics accept cat and dog owners but may not manage exotic pet emergencies. If you’re looking for a veterinary hospital for your exotic pet, ask about their emergency protocols. With no backup, they’ll likely only treat a few unusual species. Like your cat or dog veterinarian, your exotic pet doctor must have an after-hours strategy. They should get along with your pet’s vet. Ask questions. You might get it.


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