Discovering Dubai’s Hidden Culinary Gems: A Food Lover’s Guide

Are you a food lover looking to explore Dubai’s culinary scene? Dubai is a place where a lot of different cultures come together, and the food scene here is just as diverse. Whether you’re a fan of street food or haute cuisine, Dubai has something for everyone. Some of the best restaurants in Dubai are tucked away, but this article will show you where to find them.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)?

Jumeirah Lake Towers is a bustling district in Dubai known for its skyscrapers and modern architecture. It’s also a place of some of the finest restaurants in the city. Here are some of our top picks:

The Noodle House

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, The Noodle House is a must-visit. The restaurant serves various noodle dishes from different Asian countries, including Thailand, Japan, and China. The Noodle House also has an extensive sushi menu, and its sushi rolls are some of the best in the city.

Le Petit Belge

Le Petit Belge is a Belgian bar and restaurant that serves authentic Belgian cuisine. The restaurant’s rustic decor and cozy atmosphere make it’s the best place to catch up with family and friends for a meal or a night out. Le Petit Belge’s must-try dishes include mussels, waffles, and fries.

Social Company

Social Company is a trendy restaurant in JLT that serves modern European cuisine. The restaurant’s menu changes regularly, but some popular dishes include truffle fries, wagyu burgers, quinoa, and avocado salad. Social Company also has a great selection of cocktails and mocktails.

What Are the Best Restaurants Reviews – Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the world’s best restaurants, and many websites and blogs offer restaurant reviews like SushiSamba Dubai reviews. However, not all restaurant review websites are created equal. Here are some of the best restaurant review blogs in Dubai:

Best Restaurant Reviews Blog

The best restaurant reviews blog is a comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in Dubai. The blog features reviews of restaurants in different categories, such as Italian, Japanese, and seafood. The blog’s reviews are unbiased and detailed, and they also offer helpful tips, such as the best dishes to order at each restaurant.

What Are Some Hidden Culinary Gems in Dubai?

The city of Dubai is famous for its ostentatiousness, but there are also plenty of hidden culinary gems to discover. Here are some of our top picks:

SushiSamba Dubai

SushiSamba Dubai is a fusion restaurant that combines Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu contains unique and creative dishes, such as the wagyu gyoza and the tuna tataki. SushiSamba Dubai also has a great selection of cocktails and a lively atmosphere.

Ossiano at Atlantis Dubai

Ossiano, Atlantis Dubai is a fine dining restaurant located in Atlantis Dubai. The restaurant is known for its stunning underwater setting, with views of the Ambassador Lagoon. Ossiano serves seafood dishes made with the freshest ingredients, and their tasting menus are a must-try.


Zaroob is a casual dining spot that serves authentic Middle Eastern street food. The restaurant’s menu features dishes like shawarma, falafel, and manakish. Zaroob’s interior is decorated to look like a traditional Arabic street, with colorful graffiti and hanging lanterns.

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill is a seafood restaurant located in JBR. The restaurant’s menu includes lobster rolls, clam chowder, and fish tacos. The Maine also has a great selection of oysters from around the world, and their cocktails are among the very best in town.


Dubai’s culinary scene is diverse and constantly evolving. Whether you’re a street food or fine dining fan, there’s something for everyone to discover. Dubai has everything from hidden gems like Zaroob to fine dining experiences like Ossiano.


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