Does Your Cat Lose Their Teeth? Here Are the Possible Reasons

Cats, like human beings, lose their baby teeth before their adult teeth appear. Kitty teeth can be razor-sharp, so this is occasionally a good thing. However, although your kitten does not intend to hurt any person, its needle-tipped fangs can still do some damage.

Reasons Why Your Cat’s Teeth Are Falling Out

If you discover that your cat’s teeth are falling out, it might represent that something is wrong with their mouth. Even yet, it’s essential to keep an eye on your cat’s dental hygiene because it can cause other, a lot more significant health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, and cats are masters at concealing their discomfort.

Discovering what’s causing your cat to lose teeth or drool exceedingly is the primary step to dealing with the issue and restoring your cat’s dental health.

Physical Injury

A catfight can result in a physical injury that triggers a tooth to be fractured or knocked out. Likewise, a mishap during a play session, such as falling from a high cat tree or dashing into a wall surface, can cause a tooth to break. In addition, gnawing on objects can potentially damage the teeth of cats. These injuries can lead to the loss of a tooth, but they can additionally create luxation, which can be fixed surgically, depending on the conditions.

Dental disease

After each meal, plaque builds up normally on the teeth’s surface area. However, plaque that is not eliminated frequently can result in microbial growth, bringing about gum disease and infection. Gum disease leads to red, swollen, and occasionally bleeding gums. When left neglected, the gums inevitably decline, exposing the tooth’s base and creating discomfort.

Periodontitis is a gradual illness that might go unnoticed for many years before signs and symptoms show up. Nevertheless, the teeth will ultimately become so unstable that they will begin to fall out of their sockets after enough time has elapsed. That is why bringing your pet to the vet is the best course of action you can do if you notice something unusual. On the other hand, if there are no vets within your area, you can hit the web and search for “veterinary dental specialist near me” to locate one.

Old Age

The aging procedure triggers the gums of older cats to lose their ability to hold their teeth in position, resulting in the loss of teeth. It’s not uncommon for cats over a decade old to show these actions. Diabetic issues and other considerable health problems may be connected to the loss of teeth in older cats.

Consequently, if you have an elderly cat that has lost several teeth, you should get them checked out by a vet to ensure no hidden health concerns related to tooth loss. Furthermore, an elderly cat, even a dog can experience seizures due to their aging body. It is recommended to go to vets that provide cat and dog seazures treatment if your pet is dealing with this condition.

Tooth Resorption

The most prevalent reason is a cat’s teeth fall out because of tooth resorption. Tooth resorption influences 30 to 70 percent of cats, according to estimates. The disintegration of the tooth’s structure is its defining characteristic. There is a constant progression of a dental cavity that begins inside the tooth and slowly spreads to other sections. Unfortunately, the source of tooth resorption has not been figured out.


You must seek vet care from the animal medical center if you discover that your adult cat is missing a tooth or find a cat tooth lying around your residence, as these are clear indicators of severe dental illness. On top of that, tooth extraction may be needed if the vet detects any tooth resorption to minimize discomfort, stop even more resorption, and ensure that your cat can continue eating normally.


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