How to Care for a Pregnant Dog: Everything You Should Know

While spaying or sterilizing your pet is necessary to control the pet population, it’s also imperative that you offer the absolute best care possible if your beloved pet gets pregnant before getting spayed. From the day you know she’s pregnant until she will give birth to her babies, and even till the post-pregnancy. As we go further, we will cover in the post some noticeable signs your pet might be pregnant and the suggestions you can follow to take care of them throughout their pregnancy.

Indications Your Pet Might be Pregnant

1. Changes to nipples

Your pet’s nipples may grow in size and become darker in color due to a sign of increased blood circulation and appear rounder compared to their common flatness.

2. Changes in appetite

Because of your dog’s hormonal changes during pregnancy, you may see changes in its appetite. Like humans, pets might occasionally vomit due to morning sickness or consume less throughout the early stage of their pregnancy. Canines commonly consume a lot after the first stage of their pregnancy.

However, if you discover that they have been consuming less for many days, it might indicate that they are struggling with oral problems. Have them examined by a pet dental expert to learn the necessary dental care they need.

3. Larger abdomen and weight gain

This is the most apparent sign that your pet might be pregnant. If your pet is unspayed and you see no other factors for their immediate weight gain, they are likely pregnant.

4. Decreased activity

If you notice that your pet dog spends more time napping or getting tired fast when doing activities, it’s a sign that they are pregnant.

Pregnant Dog Care Tips

1. Regular exercise

Giving birth to lots of puppies will require a lot of energy and strength; that’s why it is essential to keep your pregnant pet fit and healthy. Your pet will probably tire easily, so keep your strolls and workouts much shorter. Avoid intense activities or training your pet while pregnant, as this could be stressful. Moreover, knocks or bumps from other dogs are not good for them as they might harm their unborn pups.

2. Vaccination and parasite control

Treatments for pregnant pets that include vaccination, such as fleas, worms, and parasites, can’t be administered at home without a vet’s approval. However, a couple of treatments may prevent medications to protect the unborn pups. Parasite control is essential for your pregnant pet to avoid the newborn canines from being exposed to different parasites. You may consult your vet Erin TN to find out more about the vital veterinary services for your pregnant animal.

3. Veterinary visits

Frequently bringing your pet to vets will ensure your furry companion remains healthy throughout her pregnancy. When veterinarians verify that your pet is pregnant, they will analyze her for signs of discomfort or health problems and recommend the essential medications if your dog gets detected with any diseases that need immediate attention.

In many cases, your vet will advise if your pet is qualified for a c-section. This would be possible if your dog has complications that might interfere with giving birth. Animal surgeons will handle the operation for this matter. You can click here for additional info about the range of various veterinary surgery services available.

4. Diet and nutrition

The diet and nutrition of canines are important to consider, especially when they are in the pregnancy phase. Go for the adult and excellent food that is high in fat, protein, and minerals for your dog’s nutrition. Pregnant canines will require extra nutrition for healthy and strong puppies, so do not withhold food from them.


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