Pet Health Talk: Prevalent Ocular Diseases Among These Creatures

Identical to mankind, a wide range of microorganisms can similarly attack and infect the oculars of animals, impairing their ability to catch sight of their surroundings. In fact, nearly all human eye conditions can likewise develop in these species. These complications can advance into a more extreme case when constantly ignored. Prevent this from taking place by garnering the specifics concerning the different optical diseases your in-home pet can potentially acquire.

Common Eye Conditions Among Pets

Anterior Uveitis

The name of this complication advocates itself. It refers to the inflammation inside the eye, contaminating the encompassing structures of the oculars. It primarily affects the anterior uvea, where the iris and ciliary body are located.

This disorder can cause cloudiness, redness, and squinting, consequently decreasing the eyesight of pets. When left untreated, this can advance into a disease called glaucoma. It is a condition calling for the expertise of a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Basement Membrane Disease

Previously acknowledged as the Boxer Eye, this condition prevails amongst middle-aged and senior pets. When a companion animal has suddenly demonstrated signs of persistent pain and discomfort around the eye, this is the perfect time to schedule them here for a visual examination.

The medical practitioner can create an accurate prognosis with a comprehensive ophthalmic inspection using a specialized veterinary apparatus. Suppose the procedure concludes, revealing that the cornea’s epithelium is not correctly attached and corneal ulcers are formed. In this case, it is verification that your pet captured basement membrane disease.


Similar to humans, the animal eye is naturally designed with a white sclera serving as the base of the cornea and iris that varies among species. Presume the sclerotic layer suddenly overlaps the colored portion, making the ocular surface translucent. In this situation, your pet could possibly be diagnosed with cataracts.

When this comes about, there will be escalated degrees of cloudiness due to opacities around the lens. Consequently, this can block the light perception of pets, gradually minimizing their visual capabilities, in which a pet surgery is the only solution to resolve this condition. Sadly, this can progress aggressively, resulting in complete blindness when left unattended.

Ectopic Cilia

Ectopic refers to any form of growth that materializes in an abnormal position. On the other hand, cilium is the Latin idiom for hair. So, when these words are integrated, medically speaking, the eyelashes spread out in an atypical direction. The cilia typically emerge from the underside of the upper or lower eyelid, directly pointing toward the eye.

It would be difficult for infected animals to blink as the stiffened hairs can rub against the oculars. This can cause intense discomfort, gradually leading to corneal ulcers. The moment you observe your pet continuously scratching their eyes accompanied by persistent tearing, immediately bring them to the nearest animergevets physician for an extensive checkup.


Glaucoma is considered one of the most threatening eye conditions amongst pets. In fact, it is acknowledged by the veterinary field as an ophthalmic emergency situation. This complication is significant for its potential to increase the pressure within the oculars, triggering irreversible impairment around the optic nerve.

When the fluid situated inside the posterior chamber of the eye raises yet cannot be adequately drained out, pressure builds up around it. Consequently, causing escalated pain and discomfort coexisting with a throbbing headache. If your pet abruptly presents these manifestations, immediately head to a veterinarian.


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