Top Jaw Fracture Causes in Dogs

A lot of people who own dogs want their pets to be healthy and fit. Vitamin supplements, exercise, and healthy food are constantly provided for these animals, but these usually do not suffice. There are some aspects of their health that are best handled by veterinarians.

These aspects of their health require more complex care. Our dogs might be healthy, but at some point in time, they may experience a condition that could be highly debilitating and affects their quality of life adversely.

Causes of Jaw Fracture Aside from Trauma

Most of us know that the main tools of our dogs are their mouths. They use this for everything they do. They use their mouth for playing, eating, grooming, and exploring things. Their jaws may be influenced by these activities. Besides trauma, there are certain factors that the jaw of a dog may be fractured.

These variables are generally from medical conditions that may be difficult to identify without veterinary assistance from a pet vet. Damage to the jaw of our dog impedes our pet from doing routine activities because of the pain or discomfort they might experience. If you are interested in what causes our dog’s jaw to fracture apart from trauma, here are some health problems that you should look out for.


Periodontitis is a serious infection of the gums that damages the tissue and even the bones that support the teeth. This health condition damages the jawbone of the dog and can cause fractures. This condition needs urgent medical attention and more information from veterinary dental professionals.


A tumor is also a health condition that is not easily detected. It can develop within the animal’s tissue and might grow larger before it gets seen. Tumors can put pressure on a dog’s jaw and can fracture it, causing severe pain. We can prevent our dogs from getting a tumor with routine medical examination, but when they have it, treatment from a vet surgeon would be the most effective solution to take into consideration.

Metabolic Disease

Metabolic diseases can also play a significant component in bone fractures. When there are circumstances where minerals are not balanced, it compromises the bones, which could lead to fractures. Being able to get regular vet check-ups and giving sufficient nutrition to your pet can help prevent these problems. We need to understand that vet clinic visits and healthy food helps our pet to maintain good health.


There are a lot of significant aspects that are present that can harm a dog’s jaw aside from trauma. These factors are usually connected to health conditions that may be challenging to determine without veterinary support. These conditions can cause pain and discomfort and reduce our dog’s quality of life.

Dental conditions, tumors, and metabolic conditions can play a significant role in weakening their bones. We have to remember that our dog’s primary asset is their mouth. If there are any kind of problems that may restrain them from using their mouths effectively, these concerns should be attended to urgently. We have to take into consideration the well-being of our dogs to ensure that they are at their best.


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