Are Dental Cleanings Necessary for My Pet’s Health?

Every pet owner wants their pet to be healthy and happy. One main way to ensure this is through looking after your pet’s oral health. Regular cleanings for your pet’s teeth are a crucial part of this. But is it necessary for a pet’s overall health? Yes, it is.

Why is Pet Dental Cleaning Important?

Some pet owners might think that dental care for pets is not so important. They might think it’s an extra, unnecessary cost. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s look at why it’s crucial for a pet’s health:

  • Preventive pet care: Regular check-ups by a vet, including dental cleaning, help to find diseases early. Among the most common diseases in pets are dental problems. It can significantly lower the risk of such diseases.
  • Helps overall health: Bad oral health doesn’t only mean bad breath or tooth decay. It can lead to critical diseases in the kidneys, heart, and liver if ignored. Therefore, professional dental care helps a pet’s overall health.
  • Comfort and happiness: Regular dental cleaning can eliminate pain and discomfort in your pet. Pets can suffer from symptoms of dental diseases like pain, bleeding gums, and difficulty eating.

What are the Risks of Ignoring Your Pet’s Dental Care?

If a pet owner doesn’t look after their pet’s dental health, it can pose many risks. These risks can include:

  • Decay and tooth loss: Just like people, pets can get cavities and tooth decay. This can lead to losing teeth if not treated.
  • Severe health problems: If dental problems are ignored, they can lead to serious health problems. This can include mouth infections or even damage to organs.
  • Lower quality of life: If a pet has bad oral health, it might experience discomfort. This can affect their mood and overall happiness.

It’s important that your pet visits the veterinary dentist regularly, just like humans should visit a dentist. Pets should have their teeth cleaned at least once a year. However, some dogs might need it more often to keep their oral hygiene good.

How to Spot Dental Issues in Your Pet

Regular check-ups by a vet can help to find dental issues. But as a pet owner, you must also look for symptoms of dental disease in your pets. These could include:

  • Bad breath: If your pet has bad breath, it could be a sign of underdiagnosed dental problems.
  • Changes in eating habits: If your pet is struggling to eat or suddenly doesn’t like crispy food, they might be experiencing oral discomfort.
  • Too much drooling or bleeding gums: These symptoms could show serious oral health conditions or infections in the gums.

Merging Dental Cleanings into Your Pet’s Routine Exam

During a dog wellness exam, the vet will look after your pet’s complete health. This includes checking their oral health. This check-up can decide if your pet needs a dental cleaning.

Dental cleanings usually include getting rid of plaque and tartar, smoothing the tooth surface, and a fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth. Depending on your pet’s oral health, the vet might use anesthesia for pet surgery. This is to make sure your pet is comfortable and safe during the cleaning process.

How Does Veterinary Surgery Benefit Your Pet?

Sometimes, a dental cleaning could involve a small operation to handle periodontal disease or to get rid of bad teeth. A skilled dog surgeon can make the process safe and as painless as possible. Veterinary surgery can:

  • Address complex oral problems: Some oral health problems can only be treated properly through an operation. This could include removing tumors, implanting orthodontic appliances, or extracting bad teeth.
  • Faster recovery: Many pet owners worry about how long their pet will take to recover from an operation. However, veterinary surgeries are designed to speed up healing and recovery time, causing your pet to feel as little discomfort as possible.
  • Increased lifespan: Procedures like getting a tooth removed or minor surgical treatments can prevent serious health conditions in the future, therefore increasing your pet’s life span.


A pet’s oral health is more important than some might realize. It significantly affects their overall well-being and quality of life. Simple preventive measures like regular dental cleaning and routine check-ups can help to keep your pet healthy. It can potentially help to avoid serious illnesses. Therefore, to maintain the pet’s wellness, never underestimate the power of a good clean of those pearly whites!


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