Your Pet’s Dental Health: Recognizing Signs that Call for Dental Surgery

As responsible pet owners, we must ensure the health and happiness of our companions. One of the often overlooked aspects of pet health is dental health. However, just like humans, pets can experience severe oral issues that may require dental surgery. So how do we know when our pets need this treatment? Let’s delve into it.

Understanding Dental Health in Pets

Before recognizing any unusual signs, we first need to understand the basics of pet dental health. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are common diseases prevalent in our furry companions, just like humans. These are not curable conditions but manageable with daily oral care and regular veterinary visits.

Other than these, our pets could suffer oral pain from oral lacerations, jaw fractures, and even oral cavity cancer. It’s our responsibility to be proactive in managing their health and reducing their pain.

Veterinary Surgery

If, despite all our efforts, our pet’s dental condition worsens to the point where it disrupts their daily life, then veterinary surgery can help. Procedures range from repairing jaw fractures to removing cancerous tumors. This option is usually considered when other treatments have failed, and the quality of their life is at stake.

Identifying Signs of Oral Pain in Pets

Dogs, cats, and other pets might suffer in silence, doing their best to mask their pain. While they’re good at hiding it, certain subtle changes in their behavior might clue us in on their discomfort. These signs could be everything from halitosis (bad breath), resisting head pets, and decreased activity level to changes in their appetite or eating habits.

Proactive Measures for Dental Health

Being proactive can help prevent numerous oral health issues. Providing your buddy with a balanced diet that supports dental health, encouraging them to play with chew toys, and routine dental cleaning check-ups can all contribute to a healthy mouth. This is also a great way to catch any significant problems at their onset.

Pet Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

An aspect that’s often overlooked yet critically important is pet vaccinations. Maintaining a schedule of comprehensive pet vaccinations helps prevent a myriad of diseases that could compromise your pet’s health, including diseases that could indirectly affect your pet’s oral health. Likewise, parasite prevention also plays a crucial role in maintaining your pet’s overall well-being.

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessments and Treatments (COHATs)

COHATs are thorough oral exams that help monitor your pet’s oral condition and catch potential issues early. These assessments include cleaning above and below the gum line, polishing the teeth, and other necessary prophylactic treatments. If conducted regularly, these exams can prevent serious oral issues from developing, keeping your buddy’s mouth healthy.

When is Dental Surgery Necessary?

When treatments and preventative measures don’t suffice and your pet’s condition deteriorates, it might be time to consider dental surgery. Indicators hinting at the necessity could be unresponsive pain, persistent infections, loss of appetite or difficulty eating, and other severe symptoms. Your vet can offer guidance and expertise to make this tough decision.

Veterinary Dentistry and Dental Surgery

Finding the right vet for your pet’s dental surgery can feel daunting. With experienced dental surgeons like these vet dentists, you can rest assured your buddy is in good hands. They can expertly conduct the required procedures and provide necessary post-operation care for quick healing.


In conclusion, ensuring our pets a happy, healthy life involves being vigilant about their oral health. Signs of oral distress, however subtle, should never be overlooked. It’s better to consult a professional as soon as you spot something abnormal, as a proactive approach can increase the chances of successful treatment and provide your buddy with the quality of life they deserve.


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